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Wendy Davis, Politicienne Célèbre

Wendy Davis, politicienne célèbre State senator Wendy Davis announced earlier today that she would be seeking governorship in the 2014 Texas gubernatorial race. This comes as little or no surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention to state politics over the past couple of months as Senator Davis has been pretty transparent about her plans ever … Continue reading

What “Political Correctness” Means Today

We’ve all been subject to some conversation, whether it be via some edgy comedian on Twitter or between two students in line at the sub, where something that is considered to not be “politically correct” has been said. These topics typically include remarks dealing with race or ethnicity, sexual preference, or anything relating to women’s … Continue reading

Foreign Language Department Bans Yawning in Classroom

No, this is not a joke. The foreign language department of Texas Tech has emailed their professors and informed them that it is now proper protocol to ask any student who yawns during class time to leave the room. That’s right, the department has determined that yawning during class is rude, distracting, or both, and … Continue reading

Gun Violence and Video Games: 2013’s Biggest Joke Yet

I read a funny quote the other day which, to me, summed up the debate between the connection of video games and gun violence, and it went something like this: While I understand the almost immature simplicity of this type of argument, I still believe that it deserves to hold some precedence over the discussion … Continue reading

Movie Review: Zero Dark Thirty

I never really had much ambition to go and see this movie. The first time I saw the trailer I thought it looked like it was a cheaply made movie that was rushed to the theaters in order to bring in the money from the ultra-patriotic US citizens we all live next to. However, after … Continue reading

Food Review: Willie’s Place (Wichita Falls, TX)

So I just ate what was quite possibly one of the hottest hamburgers I’ve ever had. The place is called Willie’s Place, and it’s a little burger joint down in old Wichita Falls. Their specialty is hamburgers, but they’ve got your typical hole-in-the-wall burger joint options such as steak fingers and fried chicken and so … Continue reading

Tastes Like Dirt

So I made a wrong assumption on my post about Heisman potentials. If any of y’all read it, you probably remember where I basically said that it was impossible that Johnny Manziel would win a Heisman trophy this year… …fast forward to today. Obviously he did, and obviously I managed to put my foot in … Continue reading

BCS National Championship: Afterthoughts

The Discover BCS National Championship was last night and it provided for quite possibly one of the worst possible ways a great year of NCAA football could end. The score was 21 to 0 in Alabama’s favor after only the first half, and that alone was with Alabama slowing down their offensive and defensive pressure. … Continue reading

Heisman Talk: Quarterbacks

To be completely honest, I’m less than impressed with this year’s candidates of potential Heisman winners. The race isn’t as split as it was last year between RG III and Andy Luck, and there’s no exciting playmaker the way there was when Cam Newton won the trophy two years ago. All of the candidates this … Continue reading